April 2012

Opening this month! Two full evenings of my work — in Los Angeles and Columbus, OH

Playing This Month and Coming Up:

Apr 2012: A Vaca Pródigo (The Prodigal Cow), Teatro de Breque, Curitiba, BRAZIL
Apr 2012: “The Big Picture”, 4 Short Plays, BCCT, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Apr-May 2012: “Life’s SHORT, PLAY Hard: An Evening Of Plays
          by Mark Harvey Levine”, Above The Curve Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Apr 2012: Up On The Roof , Annual 15 Minute Play Festival, New York, NY
Apr 2012: “THE BIG PICTURE: An Evening Of Plays by Mark Harvey Levine”,
          Raconteur Theatre, Columbus, OH
Apr-May 2012: Surprise, Xoregos Performance Company, New York, New York
May 2012: “Charming” (Premiere), Outworks Festival, Baton Rouge, LA
May 2012: “Misfortune”, Madlab Theatre, Columbus, OH
May 2012: The Kiss, Stage Door Productions, Fredericksburg, VA
May 2012: Surprise, ACT, Cairo, EGYPT
May-Jun 2012: O Beijo (The Kiss), Teatro de Breque,
          Touring the State of Parana, BRAZIL
May-Jun 2012: “The Loose Ends”, StageQ, Madison, WI
May-Jun 2012: “Soul Food” (Premiere), Asphalt Jungle Shorts, Kitchener, ON, CANADA
Jun 2012: “Romeo And Juliet Drink The Young Wine” (Co-writer), Exquisite Corpse
          Fesival, New York, NY
Jun 2012: “Take Our Picture”, Colonial Playhouse, Philadelphia, PA
Jun 2012: “Ten Picnics”, Buffalo United Artists, Buffalo, NY
Jun 2012: The Rental, Surprise, LA 8 AM and “Misfortune”, Orange Tea Theatre Co.,
          Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Sep 2012: “CINCO — Five Plays by Mark Harvey Levine”,
          Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Sep 2012: “Em Breve Nos Cinemas”, Teatro de Breque, Curitiba, BRAZIL

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