Aug 2014

In August I was invited to attend productions and do a talkback in South Korea!  Six of my plays were produced in an environmental production, where the audience traveled from play to play.  There were productions in Seoul and Incheon!

LA 8 AM in Incheon“LA 8 AM” became “Seoul 8 AM”

Superhero in Incheon 1“Superhero” was performed outside, on a moveable platform.

Surprise in Incheon 2“Surprise” performed in an actual coffee shop.

The Kiss in Incheon 1“The Kiss” performed in Incheon.

Scripted at AND Theatre in Korea“Scripted”, performed in a stage that was also a bookstore!

Misfortune in Incheon 2“Misfortune” in Incheon.

July 2014

“Balance” at Nylon Fusion Theatre Company, New York, NY

Balance at Nylon Fusion 4

Balance at Nylon Fusion 2

Balance at Nylon Fusion

June 2014

“Superhero” has its first production in Romania!

Male Intuition in BucharestPart of “Intuita Masculina” (Male Intuition), Drama For The Masses, Bucharest, Romania.

May 2014

“El Beso” (the Spanish language movie version of “The Kiss”) has its World Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival!

El Beso 2014


April 2014

“Filthy Rich” in Lagos, Nigeria!

Filthy Rich in Nigeria

March 2014

The World Premiere of “Salt In The Wound” at Madlab Theatre, in Columbus, OH

 Salt In The Wound at Madlab

Salt In The Wound at Madlab 2

Salt In The Wound at Madlab 3

February 2014

“”In The Jar” at Northwest Actor’s Lab, Bainbridge Island, WA

In The Jar at NW Actors Lab 1

In The Jar at NW Actors Lab 2

In The Jar at NW Actors Lab 3

January 2014

“An Evening Of Possibilities – Plays By Mark Harvey Levine” at Cary Players, Cary, NC!

A Case Of Anxiety 3

A Walk In The Ocean


In The Jar

The whole cast and crew — and one very lucky playwright!

The Whole Cast

December 2013

“LA 8 AM” at Short & Sweet Delhi, India!

LA 8 AM at Short+Sweet Delhi 5

LA 8 AM at Short+Sweet Delhi 2

LA 8 AM at Short+Sweet Delhi 1

November 2013

Write The Ten-Minute Play — And Get It Produced!

In November, 2013 I traveled to lovely Bainbridge Island, WA to give my workshop on writing and marketing ten minute plays.   It was sponsored by the NW Actors Lab, and I had a wonderful time.   The students were wonderful and as of summer 2014, a lot of them were already getting the plays that they wrote during this workshop produced!

How To Write The Ten-Minute Play Workshop