December 2016

Holiday Plays Running All Over

In addition to “A Very Special Holiday Special”, my full evening of Holiday Plays, December also saw:

  • The World Premiere of “One More Time!” at the Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis;
  • “Best Present Ever” at Theatre On The Square, also in Indianapolis;
  • “Oh Tannenbaum” at OnStage Atlanta in Atlanta, GA;
  • “Oy Vey Maria” at the Charles Stewart Howard Playhouse in Los Angeles, CA;
  • and “Oh, Tannenbaum” at The Hardy in London, England!


November 2016

World Premiere of “A Very Special Holiday Special”

A full evening of my holiday plays opens at Little Fish Theatre in San Pedro, CA!

a-very-special-hanukkah-special-at-little-fishbest-present-ever-at-little-fish-2ill-be-home-for-brisket-at-little-fish   les-miserabelves-at-little-fish-2oy-vey-maria-at-little-fishoh-tannenbaum-at-little-fish-2   the-light-at-little-fish-2

September 2016

Over 1400 Productions!

With these productions opening in September, there have now been over 1400 productions of my short plays in the world!

part of Asphalt Jungle Shorts XIII
produced by Flush Ink Productions
Kitchener, ON, CANADA
September 8 – 17, 2016

In The Jar
part of Minnesota Shorts Play Festival
Mankato, MN
September 8 – 9, 2016

Our Ten
part of Short+Sweet Hollywood
Hollywood, CA
September 8 – 15, 2016

The Prodigal Cow
part of 2016 Collection of One Acts
produced by Eden Prairie Players
Eden Prairie, MN
September 16 – 25, 2016

part of Red Eye 10s Festival
Various Theatres
September 17, 2016

August 2016, Part 2

“¡No La Vi Venir!” opens in Mexico City

No La Vi Venir Poster

¡No La Vi Venir! (Didn’t See That Coming), is an evening of Mark Harvey Levine plays translated into Spanish by Roberto Cavazos.  It runs August 4th – September 15th, at Teatro Milán in Mexico City, Mexico!

August 2016, Part 1

“Surprise” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Surprise at Bite-Size Plays 1

Dan Greest and Claira Watson Parr in “Surprise”.


“Surprise” was part of The Big Bite-Size Breakfast (Menu 1) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!  Waffles were thrown, people were kissed and every show sold-out.

June 2016

Playwriting Workshop in Los Angeles!

Workshop Logo Long
Sat-Sun, June 18-19: 10am – 1pm
Sat-Sun, June 25-26: 10am – 1pm
at The Matrix Theater in Hollywood, CA
Sponsored by Short+Sweet Hollywood and the Australian Theatre Co.

Ask any writer who’s been in Short+Sweet — ten minute plays are a great way to get started as a Playwright. They’re fun and easy to write. And they’re a great way to experiment and discover your dramatic voice.

In this workshop, students will learn how to write a good, tight ten minute play that theaters will want to produce. Everything from format to characters to genre will be covered. They’ll learn what to do, and what not to do, in their script. They’ll work on and complete a ten-minute play of their own.

And then, just as importantly, they’ll find out how to get that play produced — and not just at Short+Sweet! Students will learn how to get them into the hands of theaters, and how to get into festivals and contests.

Whether you’re an experienced writer, or you’ve never written a play in your life, this workshop will give you all the tools necessary to write a killer ten-minute play — and get it on stage!

Email to reserve a spot.

$75 — if you submit your finished play to Short+Sweet Hollywood! Submission fee and deadline waived! (Acceptance into the festival not guaranteed.)
$100 — if you don’t want to submit a play, but are involved with the Hollywood Fringe
$125 — all others

January 2016

First Production in Peru!

“Sorpresa” (Surpise) plays at the Teatro Mocha Graña in Lima, Peru!
6x6 - Teatro Mocha Grana - Peru

2015 – Year In Review


  • 138 Productions on five different continents!
  • Passed 1300 lifetime productions!
  • Scripted” and “Superhero” each had their 100th production.
  • Produced all over the US, as well as Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, India, Mexico, The Philippines and South Korea, with a reading in The Netherllands and a classroom production in Italy!
  • There were full evenings of my plays produced at Theatre Down South (The Philippines) and Teatro Augusta (Brazil), as well as Bradley Hilliard High School (Ohio) and Archbishop Hoban High School (Ohio).


  • A Birthday Party” won “Best Monologue” at the Equity Library Theater (New York, NY)
  • My collection of one minute plays won 1st Prize at the Y.E.S. Festival (Williston, ND)
  • The Prodigal Cow” won “Best Play” at the Minnesota Shorts Festival (Mankato, MN).

World Premieres:

  • 30 minute plays: “The Sound And The Furious” and “Making It Up As We Go Along” commissioned and produced by Cape Henry Collegiate School, Virginia Beach, VA.
  • 10 minute plays: “Get Dressed” (Changing Scene Theatre Northwest, Tacoma, WA), “Tag” (Asphalt Jungle Shorts, Kitchener, CANADA) and “Oh, Tannenbaum” (The Phoenix Theatre, Indianapolis, IN).
  • One minute plays: “The Condition” and “Video Or Burlap” (Gone in 60 Seconds, Leeds, ENGLAND), “Now We Wait” (Gone in 60 Seconds US), and “Pretty Paranoid”, “Stats” and “Thy Father’s Spirit” (Zip Zap Pow, Bangalore, INDIA).
  • Monologues: “How To Make A Martini” (OG Productions, Columbus, OH)

And with those, I have now had 100 different plays and monologues produced!


  • Shades” in “Plays For Three”, Vintage / Random House
  • Filthy Rich”, “Nicole” and “A Little Fresh Air” in “Men’s Monologues That Are Actually Funny”, Applause
  • The Big Picture” in “25 10-Minute Plays for Kids”, Applause

December 2015

Holiday Plays now playing!

Oh, Tannenbaum” continues at The Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis.
Les Miserabelves” and “The Light” plays at Onstage Atlanta
A Very Special Hanukkah Special” runs at Lionheart Theatre (Norcross, GA).
Oy Vey Maria” is at Theatre d’Art, Colorado Springs
Les Miserabelves” and “You Better Watch Out” opens at AlphaNYC in New York.
Oh, Tannenbaum” shows at Encompass Productions in London, England!

Oh Tannenbaum at Phoenix Theatre 2

November 2015

“Oh, Tannenbaum” opens at The Phoenix Theatre

My latest holiday play “Oh, Tannenbaum” opens this month at The Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis! It’s part of “A Very Phoenix Xmas 10: O Come Let Us Adore Us”. Directed by Bryan Fonseca and starring Eric Olson and Scot Greenwell.
Oh Tannenbaum at Phoenix Theatre 4