December 2008

Playing This Month and Coming Soon:
November-December 2008: “A Very Special Hanukkah Special“, ARFTCo, Chicago, IL
November-December 2008: “Oy Vey Maria”, Phoenix Theatre, Indianapolis, IN
December 2008: “A Very Special Hanukkah Special“, Madhouse Theater Company, Philadelphia, PA
December 2008: “The Rental“, Entity Theatre Workshop, Munich, GERMANY
December 2008: “A Very Special Hanukkah Special“, Endtimes Productions, New York, NY
January 2009: “Shakespeare Lives!“, Acme Theatre Company, Maynard, MA
January 2009: “The Rental“, Play With Your Food, Fairfield, Greenwich & Westport, CT
January-February 2009: “Superhero“, Chester Horn Play Festival, New York, NY
January-February 2009: “LA 8 AM“, Madcap Players, Washington, DC
January-February 2009: “Surprise“, part of “Match Games”, Actors Theatre Of Louisville, Louisville, KY
January-February 2009: “Cabfare For The Common Man“, Shelterbelt Theatre, Omaha, NE
March 2009: “Scripted“, “Surprise” and “Superhero“, Missed Opportunity Productions, Shanghai, CHINA
April 2009: “Surprise“, Semi Circle, Basel, SWITZERLAND

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