2015 – Year In Review


  • 138 Productions on five different continents!
  • Passed 1300 lifetime productions!
  • Scripted” and “Superhero” each had their 100th production.
  • Produced all over the US, as well as Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, India, Mexico, The Philippines and South Korea, with a reading in The Netherllands and a classroom production in Italy!
  • There were full evenings of my plays produced at Theatre Down South (The Philippines) and Teatro Augusta (Brazil), as well as Bradley Hilliard High School (Ohio) and Archbishop Hoban High School (Ohio).


  • A Birthday Party” won “Best Monologue” at the Equity Library Theater (New York, NY)
  • My collection of one minute plays won 1st Prize at the Y.E.S. Festival (Williston, ND)
  • The Prodigal Cow” won “Best Play” at the Minnesota Shorts Festival (Mankato, MN).

World Premieres:

  • 30 minute plays: “The Sound And The Furious” and “Making It Up As We Go Along” commissioned and produced by Cape Henry Collegiate School, Virginia Beach, VA.
  • 10 minute plays: “Get Dressed” (Changing Scene Theatre Northwest, Tacoma, WA), “Tag” (Asphalt Jungle Shorts, Kitchener, CANADA) and “Oh, Tannenbaum” (The Phoenix Theatre, Indianapolis, IN).
  • One minute plays: “The Condition” and “Video Or Burlap” (Gone in 60 Seconds, Leeds, ENGLAND), “Now We Wait” (Gone in 60 Seconds US), and “Pretty Paranoid”, “Stats” and “Thy Father’s Spirit” (Zip Zap Pow, Bangalore, INDIA).
  • Monologues: “How To Make A Martini” (OG Productions, Columbus, OH)

And with those, I have now had 100 different plays and monologues produced!


  • Shades” in “Plays For Three”, Vintage / Random House
  • Filthy Rich”, “Nicole” and “A Little Fresh Air” in “Men’s Monologues That Are Actually Funny”, Applause
  • The Big Picture” in “25 10-Minute Plays for Kids”, Applause

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