September 2015

Actress Nearly Gets Arrested During World Premiere of “Tag”

“Tag” was appearing in Asphalt Jungle Shorts, a wonderful site-specific festival produced by Flush Ink Productions.  Plays are produced out on the streets and in parks and other fun locations, and they love it when you can’t immediately tell if it’s theater or real life.  As one audience member tells it:

From my viewpoint, I knew this was going to be fun, as the cops were sitting in traffic right across from where the scene was to unfold. Sure enough, just as Liz is completely losing it, they get out and come into the scene. So, it looked like there was one senior cop and a rookie. The senior cop realized right away that this was street theatre, but he let the rookie figure it out for himself, while he stood back with a big grin on his face. Liz never missed a beat, she turned, looked at the rookie, gave a glare for invading her playing space and pulling focus and kept on going. It was great.

This was a fun first for me, but kinda glad we didn’t have to bail an actress out of jail!

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